You Can Heal Yourself

Each of us is unique and require different diets and lifestyles to live life to its fullest potential. Look at the bigger picture of your life and get to the root cause of problems. Medication does not do that and never will.
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You want to have more confidence in your ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle, so you can feel better and transform into the best version of yourself. 

You currently rely on medications to feel better, but the medications don’t solve your REAL problem. 

This leaves you feeling damaged, broken, and like you weren’t meant to live the happy and healthy life you want.

 We believe your body has the ability to heal itself…

Trust me, I understand because I have been there. I’ve doubted myself and thought I would never be truly healthy and happy. As a certified health coach and pharmacist, I know what it takes to get on the right path.

The path to a healthy and happy life is simple.

1. Schedule a FREE consultation

2. Develop a customized plan with one of our programs

3. Live the healthy, happy life you deserve

 Gain the confidence to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reclaim your health. Don’t allow yourself to become a slave to the “pill for your ill” approach. 


What We Do Together


Dig Deep into Your Roots

This is a judgment-free zone. Listening and asking questions is what this process is all about.  Our relationships, stress level, career, food, etc…it all matters and can affect your health and happiness. We need to explore those together.

Define Your Goals

Together we will set SMART goals that will be tracked throughout the process. No goal is too big or too small here. Let’s find something that inspires you and makes you feel alive

Discover your unique Bio-Individuality™

Each of us has a unique diet and lifestyle need, meaning no food philosophy can give everyone the same results. Together we will explore different ways of eating and working out to find what works best for you.

Build a Customized Plan

The plan is fluent and can change throughout the process to meet your current needs. With each session, you’ll get recommendations of actions to take to create solutions to your problems and move your closer to your goals.

Hold You Accountable

It’s so easy to let ourselves down time and time again. It’s much more difficult to let someone else down whose holding you accountable to take action. What’s the excuse you make for yourself?

Track and Celebrate Progress

The best motivation is looking at where you were and comparing it to where you are now. It keeps the momentum going and helps you to focus on improving yourself each day. That’s something worth celebrating. 

EmpoweRx Health Solutions Founder

Brian Bisher is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist

Brian Bisher

Brian Bisher


Brian found his passion for helping add value to other’s lives and improving their feelings of self-worth through his own transformational journey. He is passionate about improving clients’ overall wellness to help them healthier, happier lives. He firmly believes that functional medicine and a holistic approach to care need to be the future of medicine if we are to reverse the rise of chronic disease in this country. 


“If you outsource our fate to our medication regimen, you may end up in a world of regret and suffering”

– Mark Sisson

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