I know this is a scary and strange time we are going through right now. Most people are working from home (except you if you work in healthcare as I do), you have nowhere to go (other than work), and nothing is going on during the weekend. All of these measures are with good intention to protect those most vulnerable from the virus and prevent our healthcare system from being overwhelmed. Does it suck that March Madness got canceled and Opening Day (basically a holiday in Cincinnati) postponed? Yes, it does. There is no denying that. However, I do my best to seek the silver lining in each situation. I hope I can help you do the same because I think most of us are secretly (or openly) enjoying our forced time in the house.

It’s forcing you to slow down and connect with those closest to you

It’s a saying we hear and use all the time. Time flies! Well, does it still fly when you are always in your house (working or after work)? It’s impossible to have any plans right now other than getting out for the occasional walk around your neighborhood. Isn’t it nice feeling NOT feeling the pressure of having to make plans? 

You have an excuse to rest and BE. 

I came across an intriguing thought in an ad for a dispensary out in Colorado. The ad mentioned that we are all so focused on doing things that so few of us take the time to simply be. When was the last time you took the time to be present in the moment? After all, we refer to ourselves as human beings. Take advantage of and use your extra time for self-introspection. Also, enjoy the care-free timelessness with loved ones because that’s how you make special moments and memories.

You’re cleaning out the things you don’t need

There is no excuse not to follow through on a thorough Spring cleaning this year. There are many known psychological benefits to decluttering and organizing your living space. It definitely can help with anxiety, which most of us probably feel in this time of uncertainty. Watch Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. Get inspired. Get to decluttering. 

You’re learning to appreciate and use the things you have (and toilet paper)

Our society places a lot of focus on gaining more, in addition to always doing more. We can never seem to have enough. I’m as guilty as anyone placing orders on Amazon for things I don’t necessarily NEED. With the click of a mouse, we can have something delivered to us within a day or two. Currently, things are a little different as non-essential stores are closing, and companies are delaying shipments. It’s forcing us to place more focus on having the essentials we need to survive (like 50 rolls of toilet paper) and utilize the things we already own. For example, I’ve been using my French Press a little more instead of heading out to get coffee. What’s one item in your house that you’ve found yourself using more recently? What’s the book on your shelf you’ve been wanting to read?

You’re flexing your creativity muscle, and it’s growing!

Let’s face it. We’ve all gotten a little creative to stay connected, mentally sane, and fit. My wife and I have dinner planned with our friends via webcam this weekend. There are numerous social media challenges and videos, helping us spread joy and connectivity. I’ve already done several workouts I found YouTube in my basement, and honestly, I’ve been more sore than usual (maybe that says more about my workouts at the gym). The reality is, creativity is born out of necessity. We are in a period when we need it now more than ever, and I genuinely believe some lasting, positive changes will come out of it. 

This quarantine and stay home movement come out of the necessity of controlling the spread of a deadly virus.

Quite honestly, staying at home IS the best thing you can do to help those on the front lines treating the people who are sick. I know it’s put a damper (pun) on your Spring break and activities, but I am a positive person. I strive to seek the silver lining in any given situation. Maybe you’ve already begun to realize some of the positives I’ve mentioned, or perhaps you’re still down that Opening Day was supposed to be today (the weather is perfect in Cincinnati for once!). Both of these feelings are okay and to be expected. I hope that you attained some level of insight or awareness by reading this to make the most out of this trying time and do your best to keep our country safe. 

Be a good neighbor, and share some of the extra TP you have on hand as well! 

Happy quarantining,


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