I get asked all the time how my business is going. The truth is it did not go quite as I had imagined the first year. However, I am very grateful that it didn’t take off as I had planned. Let me explain why.

It was meant to fail to open the door for better things and time to bond as a family.

It could have been the perfect timing to just give up or put my dreams on hold the past year. Heck, I had a perfectly acceptable excuse  I could have used: 

I am a parent now and that has seriously impeded my ability to get anything related to my coaching business done.

However, that could not be further from the truth.

I’ve been more focused, productive and clear on my intentions than ever. I have developed a clearer vision for my life and this business.

I discovered there was personal growth needed in my own life before I could truly be of service to others and help them transform their lives. I believe that’s why the messages and things I was doing in my business were not congruent or connecting with others. I’ll toss those first six months into the failure bucket from which I gained invaluable experience and grew in confidence. 

Fortunately, my failure allowed me the opportunity to bond with my son and wife even more and opened the door for my personal growth.

I’ll preface this saying that by no means did I want to become a parent for this purpose or even realize it was possible, but I have already discovered this concept that Dr. Shefali Tsabary discusses in her book, The Conscious Parent, to be amazingly true.

Our children facilitate our evolution by providing us with a way to shed the eggshell of our ego and step into the freedom that living in our truer state of being allows.

This exposes us to the truly transformative potential of the parenting journey. I know it’s very powerful and deep, but it pushed me to take a much deeper look into my childhood and life.

We all have a story. Our life story is our message. The life lessons we learn can then become the foundation for whatever you want to create in life. For me, this is my business and coaching program. 

Revisiting my past was painful, but worth it in end.

It led to the creation of something truly unique and authentic. Something that is already impacting lives. 

My FAST2Fit program.

Fitness is unique for each person and is not reserved to athletes or those who spend hours in the gym each week. I believe we can utilize fasting to as our foundation of fitness, feeling better about ourselves and ultimately building the balanced life and career we have always wanted.  

“I just don’t have the motivation, time or energy to get into shape”

“My life feels so out of balance, and I am always trying to play catch-up”

“It’s so overwhelming, I just don’t know where to start.”

“I’ve gone to the gym before, but never saw much progress”

Trust me, I know. Getting in the shape we want to be in is hard when first getting started in a demanding career, like healthcare. It’s the last thing on our mind unless we already have the basics instilled in our lifestyle. Heck, it’s hard even if we were in shape going into the start of our career. 

What if we didn’t have to choose between a career and getting in shape that allowed us to be more proud of what we saw each day in the mirror?

What if your life could seem more balanced in the process?

What if you actually enjoyed your job more which translated into enjoying your life outside of work even more?

All of these things are possible. 

They can be done.

It starts with getting on the fast track to the fit body that fits our life. See for yourself.

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