You can create a life full of energy, joy and meaningful relationships by consciously making small changes in your life and habits each day. No, you’ll never be perfect, and that’s okay! I certainly have not been flawless on my pursuit to better myself and my life. I know you’ve heard this before, but it is vitally important to learn from your mistakes and always keep the intention of what you want your life to be at the center of all your actions. I consider myself seriously blessed because I am living a life I never imagined was even possible ten to twenty years ago. My mental and physical health is the best it has ever been, I am married to an amazing woman, and we now have a very vibrant two-month-old son, Brayden. We are all healthy and happy. Please believe me when I say life was not always this way for me…

The shy, angry, anxious, jealous kid turned drunken pharmacy student turned…husband, father and health coach?!

Senior year of high school, 2007

I’m in high school, and I am an anxious teenager who constantly struggles with feelings of jealousy, fear of judgment and acceptance and bouts of rage against my family and friends. I don’t really know why I struggle with these things when I should be happy with the good life I have. I want to blame these feelings solely on the acne I feel has taken over my life, but I know my issues are rooted much deeper than that. All I know is these problems seriously are affecting my life and my relationships, and I fear that I’ll never gain control or find a way to “fix” them. I can’t imagine truly being happy and enjoying life if I can’t…

I’m in pharmacy school when I realize the real issue is that I have little self-worth or love for myself. My body is not something I am proud of, as I still struggle with horrible acne (wasn’t I supposed to “grow out of” it?!) and now my weight. This translates to little confidence in my thoughts, actions, and interactions with others. I have no idea what I can do for myself to improve this at this point in time until alcohol enters into my life. It literally feels like liquid confidence to me, and I don’t associate it with being a bad habit at all. I’m just in college partying and living life like I always dreamed of. I am finally coming out of the shell I had lived in my whole life, and life is good. Drink and make a lot of friends. Drink and become the life of the party. Drink too much and become the comedy show at the end of the night. Drink and discover my identity and self-worth? Not so much…

Me in 2012, at the “prime” of my college years where I’ve discovered alcohol to be a good solution to my struggles with confidence

Fast forward to the end of my pharmacy program when I come to the realization that I don’t actually think pharmacy is the correct profession for me. I actually consider this realization a good thing because I’m starting to discover what I value and am passionate about. I’ve been committed to improving my own health for several months now, and I’ve begun to notice the power of nutrition and lifestyle change. The health of my body was improving, and I had just started. I’m starting to feel a sense of self-worth for the first time in a long time. Is there a limitation on this healing process, I wonder? I begin to dig deeper by reading more about lifestyle changes, nutrition, and health. I began experimenting on myself even more with these changes. I don’t realize it yet, but I’m in the process of healing my mind through my body.

My wife Rachel and I in 2018 before we had our son.

You, too, can heal your mind through your body. In that process, you will begin to discover a life you love; one full of energy, joy, and meaningful relationships The solution lies in discovering your own self-worth and love first. Author Matthew Kelley discusses this concept in his book, Perfectly Yourself. He mentions that you must be kind to yourself because kindness towards yourself precedes all genuine and lasting growth. Acknowledging and accepting your imperfections is also a vital step in becoming “perfectly yourself.”

It takes time to heal your mind, body and create a life you love. Trust that where you are at in the process is where you are meant to be. The reason most of us fail to achieve sustainable changes is that we focus on the desired outcome. Rather, focus on the progress you are making each day.

A much happier, healthier, vibrant me in 2018 with my dog, Hazel

The progress I have made in my own life has led me to believe you can become the creator of your own health. You can be the one that heals yourself without relying on medication with self-awareness and implementation of the nutrition and lifestyle changes ideal for you and because of that, you can ultimately heal your mind through your body. You can relieve yourself of anxiety, depression, and anger while discovering your self-worth and gaining confidence. The best part is you’ll love and accept yourself for who you are and begin to live a life full of joy and fulfilling relationships—a life you never imagined was possible.

Strive to thrive,

It is daunting and hard to go through this on your own. However, you can take the first step your journey today towards discovering a life you love.
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