Not a Quick Fix

No daily appetite suppressing shakes or supplements to keep you from eating. This approach doesn’t leave lasting results.

It’s about slowly implementing lifestyle changes that you can maintain long-term and actually enjoy. 

Not About Being Perfect

No one is perfect and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty if you “cheat” or “fall off the wagon.” Wellness can’t be an all or nothing approach. This is restrictive and leads to failure

 We are believers in the 80/20 rule. Focus 80% on healthy living and 20% allow yourself some indulgence if it will feed another area of your life. 

Not About the Perfect Body

Counting macronutrients in fitness apps, tracking calories in and calories out. Who has time for that?

We are about adopting a healthy relationship with food and your body. Break through personal barriers and enjoy life in the process.

Not Focused on Diet and Exercise Only

Many aspects of our lives play a role in our overall health and wellness. These factors are referred to as our Primary Food™.

We will focus on creating balance in other areas of your life which will translate to a healthier diet and lifestyle. 

No "One Size Fits All" Approach

You can’t apply the same principles or beliefs to each person and expect it to work.  

We are very focused on listening to your unique problems and barriers to help you create solutions to your own problems. 


You Can't Fall Behind

Some health programs have a certain time frame for which you have to meet certain goals. 

We focus on holding you accountable to the goals you set for yourself but understand that sometimes life does not always cooperate. You’ll still get back on track. 

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